Review of Atlantis Water Park in Clarksville, IN


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Atlantis Water Park is a nearby, modest-sized water park in Clarksville, IN.  It is easily accessible from exit 1 on I-65.  We visited this attraction this summer, on a Sunday.  We arrived in the afternoon and the parking lot and entire place was pretty full with families.  The cost on the weekend is $10 per person ($8 per person during the week).  We checked in and waited to find our seats before renting a tube ($2.50-$3.50 depending on size).

We found one of the few seats left over by the kiddie pool, best spot for us since our children are under 4′ tall and not able to go on the big slides yet.  There are no shady spots to sit right near the kiddie pool although there are covered areas throughout the park. So, we put on our sunscreen and hit the water.  My son went down the larger kiddie slide a bunch of times and my daughter found a slide just the right size for her and probably went down the slide 700 times. This was great because she’s usually afraid of slides so I was really glad to see little ones that didn’t intimidate her.  There were lifeguards walking around the kiddie area the entire time but they didn’t stop the kids from going down the slides head first. I was surprised at this, maybe they allow it but regardless, I wouldn’t want my child going down head first!  My kids had a lot of fun and giggles in the play area and then my son wanted to head to the wave pool.

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My husband rented a double tube (additional fee as noted above) and we put both of the kids in there for the wave pool and we just waded.  The waves come and go, a buzz will be heard when it’s about the create waves.  It was really packed in the wave pool and the water appeared to be a tad less clear than I would have hoped but maybe if you go on the weekdays, the filtration can handle it a bit better without tons of people in there!  We floated in the wave a bit and also relaxed in the beach entry part while the kids splashed.

Like I mentioned above, we went in the afternoon between meals so we actually did not partake in the concessions. I did peak at the menu and it was all standard concession fare prices about $5 and under.  Affordable and convenient since you can pick up food on two sides and eat inside or out.  You may not bring in food or drinks from outside but you can leave a cooler in your car and exit/re-enter to dine in a covered picnic area on the outside of the gates. Also, we didn’t go down the slides since my older is just shy of 4′ but we observed many many families going up and down the slides and really having a great time. They also have a sand-bottom playground but it was quite hot the day we went and everyone was in the water!

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We did visit the restrooms twice, men’s and women’s, and they appeared to have a hard time keeping up with the crowd. I saw an attendant in there once sweeping some paper off of the floor but in my opinion, the bathrooms needed more attention during a very busy weekend afternoon.  I observed some standing water at the showers that definitely would deter me from using these facilities but, I usually don’t use the showers anyway. I let the Atlantis Water Park know of these observations but they have not let me know yet their plans to improve the bathroom cleanliness.  I plan to contact them again and check with them since ultimately, I would like to see it improved rather than deter people from going with my comments! I will let you know when I hear from them. It is an affordable water park very close to home!  I recommend going during the week when it is less expensive and potentially less crowded.


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