Review of Minds in Motion

Every child is different, but every parent wants to help their child meet his/her greatest potential. I recently had the opportunity to learn about a very unique program that exists specifically for that purpose. Its called Minds-In-Motion.

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe Minds-In-Motion program combines mind and body training in a way that helps to strengthen the brain’s ability to process and organize information correctly. The focus is on correcting deficiencies and increasing performance of the child’s vestibular system, or inner ear. As the mother of a child with sensory issues and motor delays, I was very interested in learning about a new treatment option for my son. In speaking with Minds-In-Motion founder, Candace Meyer, I learned that the program draws in many children who have sensory issues, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, Ms. Meyer’s evidence-based research indicates that any child would benefit from the program.

PhotobucketBefore beginning the program, each child must go through an assessment process. This took place in their office near the corner of Chamberlain Ln. and Westport Rd. The outer space-themed facility has four distinct rooms. A computer lab, a well equipped gym, a vestibular room and a balance room. The rooms and restrooms are bright and clean. The assessment included a stability test that was originally developed for NASA, a vision screening, auditory tests, reading/computer tests and observations of motor movement and strength. I was able to accompany my son for tests, which lasted about two hours. My 6 year old found many of the activities to be fun. There were only a few he thought were difficult or a little stressful. I was given feedback at the end of the session, as well as copies of all of the results, which clearly showed room for improvement in many areas. I decided to enroll him in one of the Summer Camp sessions. At the end, he will be reassessed and I’ll be able to see his progress. I look forward to sharing our experience after Summer Camp is complete!

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By guest contributor: Brandy

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