Review of Valley Dairy Freeze


I am a serious ice cream lover. I do not live anywhere near Valley Dairy Freeze, but thanks to their delicious tweets (@dairyfreeze) and Facebook posts, I was compelled to drive miles and miles to try this place!  They have an incredible number of soft serve flavors, I could not resist.


PhotobucketValley Dairy Freeze is on the corner of Deering Rd and Valley Station Rd not far from Dixie Highway. It is a throw-back shop with outdoor seating (covered and uncovered) and windows for ordering.  It was a hot day so I was glad to see they had a covered patio.  The store windows are covered with options, lists and  photos of treats – so if you have never been there, on your first visit, step back and soak it all in before making the big decision.  You may also want to study their immense list of soft serve flavors before you get there! I even included it here so you can start studying.  Or check out their Facebook photo album of creations if you dare.

My daughter chose a “chocowat ice cweem with a stwah” also known as a chocolate milk shake. My son loves blueberries so the minute I read off that they had blueberry soft serve, he was sold.  I went all out! After all, I drove nearly 30 miles to get there.  I got a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles filled with maple nut soft service. Wipe that drool off of your computer!!!

PhotobucketWe love the ice cream!!! Can you tell from my over-use o exclamation points?!?!?! The maple nut was fantastic and the ice cream itself was really creamy.  It wasn’t too thick or too thin, just right.  The cone was fresh and I think it’s safe to say I will drive those 30 miles again and have a hard time picking a different treat because I liked mine so much.  My daughter said her milk shake was “de-wishis” and my son said “I can’t believe they can make blueberries into ice cream!”

Get this, they also have FOOD.  Huh?  I didn’t dabble in their meal selections, I had a one-track mind.  COLD, CREAMY SWEETNESS and Valley Dairy Freeze delivered just that.


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