Review of YMCA of Greater Louisville Summer Camps


This summer, I chose 2 weeks of summer camp for my kids through the YMCA of Greater Louisville.  My kids attended at the Oldham County branch and went to the Wee Ventures camp which ran from 9am to 2pm.  Since we have a membership, we got a great rate of $75 per week per child.  Even without the membership, it’s still very affordable. And, they allow you to pay a deposit when you sign up and then they automatically charge your credit card the remainder of the amount the week before each camp.  This was very convenient.

Before the summer camps started, the YMCA hosted a summer camp open house.  We dropped in one night and picked up t-shirts, drawstring backpacks and water bottles. We also got to meet some of the counselors.

They held the Wee Ventures camp in the indoor soccer complex but they kids did go to different areas and get outside.  Each morning, I dropped my children off at 9am with their lunches and backpack. At the beginning of the week, the counselors take their water bottles and put names on them and keep them all week to make sure the kids stay hydrated.  There’s a little spot to drop off their backpacks.  We signed in and the kids had some play time. During this time, the counselor would tell me if I needed to pack a swimsuit for water play the next day or gave me reminders about the Friday cookouts.  There were two counselors for their age group and about 14 children.

When I picked up my kids, they always had a craft or work of art!  They were happy and reported back to me what they did that day. Usually, it was a nice balance of indoor and outdoor as well as active and calm play.  They had story time, played with lots of new-to-them toys, ran around in the arena with lots of balls, rode bikes, drew with sidewalk chalk, sang songs and danced, played in the sprinklers and more.  Each Friday, parents bring in some food to share and the YMCA staff grill for a cookout so you don’t pack a lunch.

We were very pleased with this camp and since I was able to get a glimpse into what older kids were doing, I know they have fun things in store for my kids as they grow up like field trips and swimming!  This is an affordable and flexible camp option for families and convenient since the YMCA of Greater Louisville has so many locations around the metro area!


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