Review of The Fudgery at 4th Street Live


The Fudgery is brand new to Louisville and the concept is simple. We’ve all seen the fudge shops that prepare their fudge on the large marble slab tables. Sure it’s entertaining, but the big difference at the Fudgery is the cast of characters they have carefully selected to make their delicious treats. Think American Idol meets Fudge Factory.

PhotobucketI have had two very different experiences at the Fudgery. Trust me, if you’re planning to bring the kiddo’s this information will make all the difference. My husband and I decided to go the Friday evening of their Grand Opening. There was singing, clapping, hyping…the whole 9. So with that experience I was very pumped to take my 4 little ones the following Friday, early afternoon, to pick up a special treat. 11am…no singing, no fudge making… hardly a sole in the store. OK, understandable. Who feels like singing that early? I ask when a good time would be to return. I was told around noon. The kids and I ran to grab some lunch and came back to find a very similar scenario to the one we had found earlier.

So needless to say, I had four pretty bummed kiddos. When I asked for an explanation as to why we were having such bad luck, the impression I was given was that the “entertainment” was a very random act. I asked politely if he would give us a few bars of a song for our troubles and he was sweet enough to comply and we enjoyed every minute. So, in conclusion I would suggest if you bring the kiddos and would like to have the whole experience, plan on an after dinner visit. They also serve ice cream if you have the preference. The Fudge is around $8 for a 1/2 lb. which I consider to be fair since it’s such a fun ordeal. But be careful…one bar is ½ lbs. and if you get lost in the different flavors (like I did) you will end up spending $30 on Fudge (just like I did). The good news is it keeps very well and freezes. We’re still snacking on it two weeks later and it’s still absolutely delish!

By guest contributor: Whitney

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