Review of Yew Dell Gardens – Scavenger Hunt


PhotobucketI’ve always thought that going to Yew Dell Gardens was a lot like entering into the Secret Garden that I read about in grade school. On a beautiful day, I decided to take 3 of my kiddo’s (ages 2,3,7) to Yew Dell to spend the day. When we purchased our tickets, we were offered laminated cards covered in clues and a dry erase marker for a scavenger hunt. We reached the castle and wasted no time marking the first couple of items off our list.

PhotobucketOur hunt was all about the beautiful architecture of the structures and sculptures that surrounded us. Everyone was able to contribute and had a great time working together to mark off each picture. Of course the 2 year old was just along for the ride, but he really fed off their excitement and enjoyed sharing in the discovery of it all. Every now and then the 7 year old would help him scribble off an item which I thought was super sweet.

PhotobucketWe were in and out of all the buildings, wandering through all of the paths and gardens until our tummies started to rumble and it was time to rest and refuel. At the gift shop we were also given a blanket and a couple garden themed children’s books. So, we opted for a beautiful spot in a garden next to a fountain and unpacked our lunch. As the kiddo’s and I re-hydrated, I pulled double duty (as I often do ;)) and read to them while they relaxed into what truly turned out to be a magical day full of fun new memories for all of us.


If you haven’t been to Yew Dell you really owe it to yourself to check it out. There’s always something going on. Although adults who aren’t members pay $7 for an entry free, all children under the age of 12 are free. So it’s really a great cost effective way to spend a beautiful day. Pack a lunch and grab one of the many activities they have for kids. You can find a list of those by clicking here.  You can follow their many organized events throughout the year on their website.  Don’t forget your camera; the setting is perfect to grab some great photos of the kids.

By guest contributor:  Whitney

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