WorldFest on The Belvedere is a Fun, Free event for families!


PhotobucketWorldFest is an annual event on the Belvedere near the Galt House. It is a celebration of all of the different cultures that we have in our city. It’s full of shopping, food, music and fun kids activities. What a great opportunity to educate children about cultures from around the world without the expense of traveling.

Families can attend this event for free and enjoy an afternoon or evening looking out over the Ohio! Click HERE to see the schedule of performances. There are informational tents as well as many vendors selling a variety of trinkets, jewelry and more. My daughter loved the colorful items at the vendor booths. If you are going for lunch, dinner or a snack I recommend you take a walk around the festival before you make you selection because the food vendors are plentiful! But, if you are looking to save money, the event is open to the public and you can bring food in and enjoy the other festival experiences at no cost!

PhotobucketAlong Main and Market Streets, there are many parking garages to use if you plan to visit this festival. Surface lots are probably the best price but the closest garages ones are at The Kentucky Center and The Galt House. I went on Friday and there was no nearby parking on the street but since we were going for under 2 hours, we found parking a few blocks down Main Street near the Science Center and enjoyed a little stroll to the Belvedere. Remember, street parking is free on Sundays! The Belvedere is paved and stroller friendly. Also, at WorldFest, they are collecting canned goods for the Dare to Care food bank.


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