Great Coffee Shops in Louisville


I’m definitely a coffee gal. I grew up thinking it was nasty and wondered how my mom could enjoy it so much, even in the afternoon. Now, I get it. Working from home also means that I visit coffee shops a lot for meetings. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite spots.

Vint – Honestly, it’s a tad ridiculous how often I visit their Northfield location (Now Heine Brothers). It is really big and what I like most is that you can hang out in a cozy chair, have a big group at their large meeting table or take the high seats by the bar. And, I trust their baristas. Usually, I just tell them to make me something good and well, they do. Also, they carry delicious locally made snacks and foods as well as Rooibee Red Tea which my daughter gets when she comes with me. I also enjoy going to the Vint on Frankfort Ave for it’s work buzz. It’s smaller but has a totally productive vibe about it.  Both of these locations have drive-thrus so you don’t have to drag the kids out of car for your tasty beverage.

Please &Thank You– They put huge marshmallows in their mochas, need I say more? This place is located on Market Street in Nulu. It’s a tiny place that packs a punch. It’s great for a quick meeting or coffee with another mom because they do have a little kid’s table and gizmos in the nice corner of the shop by the windows that’s totally approved by my daughter. There’s the added bonus that you get that downtown feel without having to pay or hunt for parking. The super bonus is that even a mommy-mobile-driving, grey-hair-growing lady like myself feels kind of hip when I go there! Oh yeah, the food is very fresh – try the coffee cake!

Java – There’s a relatively new Java near Costco right off the Gene Snyder at the Brownsboro Rd exit. I popped in there one day to work and noticed their bookshelf full of puzzles, toys and games. This coffee shop is great for mom coffee meet-ups!  It also has a drive through which is great for moms on the go.

Days Coffee– It’s located in the highlands on Bardstown Rd and you can miss it if you’re not looking. I’ve been there once but I’m recommending it because I literally drool when I drive by and then I smack myself for not stopping. I had one latte beverage there at a meeting months ago and it was so good (and the froth was pretty!) that I remember that ONE coffee!

These are just a few of my favorites! Trust me, I’ll check out just about any coffee shop in town.

Do you have a favorite? Comment and let me know because if I haven’t tried it, I am so there!


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