Things to do this weekend around Louisville October 26,27,28

Family Adventure Day
Grandmother Power at Ali Center

Here’s a list, I like lists.

1) TruckTober Fest – It seems these days, things aren’t cool unless there’s food trucks involved. So, here’s family fun with food trucks so it’s got to be cool.

2) Bake something together. Why do I have to always highlight events? Sometimes we just stay home and bake….and then eat it. YUM.  Here’s my recipe Pinterest Board.

3) Trick or Treat at Westport Village – Get the kids hyped up on candy and then set them dancing in the streets to live music.

4) Scratch #2. Don’t bake anything. Eat salad.  There’s going to be an influx of chocolate and sweets in the house next week and you must cleanse the body to prepare for the wonderful toxic sugars and high fructose corn syrup.

5) Party like it’s 1799 at the 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove.  Be super sneaky and take the kids to this fun event and they won’t even know it’s educational.  Ooooo, you so sneeeeaky!

6) Say hootenanny 20 times fast.  Ok, that’s impossible.  Maybe you should just go to the Mighty Kindness Harvest Hootenanny instead.  I head the Louisville Children’s Museum folks will be there.

Ok, I think I am done with my list…..or it might get out of hand, I have to stop somewhere.  There’s a BIG LIST in the calendar above, have a blast this weekend!


Papa Johns Pizza
Louisville Zoo Halloween
KCD Open House

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