Review of The Popcorn Station


PhotobucketRecently, a nice friend bought me a voucher to try The Popcorn Station in Jefferstontown.  We made a trip out there for a special snack since my kids LOVE popcorn. I was a little concerned that since they really like just regular buttered popcorn that they wouldn’t be into all of the different flavors, but I was wrong.

PhotobucketWe walked into the simple shop on Taylorsville Rd and my kids ran to the counter to peak through the glass. Rainbow popcorn???  They were shocked!  I showed them all of the flavors (over 30!) and read their names and my daughter selected a chocolate covered caramel variety, my son chose cheddar and I chose ranch. We bought some salt & vinegar popcorn to bring home to my husband.  I tried a few of the flavors to make my selection – they will let you sample so you can make sure you like it.

We walked out with HUGE bags of popcorn and they were the small ones! The prices range from $1.65 to $6.25 for a small, depending on how fancy the variety is with chocolate flavors being the most expensive.  I think this is a reasonably priced treat considering, honestly, 3 people can share a small chocolate flavored bag.  Warning: you will be liking the seasoning off of your fingers and be prepared with wipes for the kids hands!   Let me just say, it was SO GOOD. I live no where near this place but next time I am in that area, I am going to get a bag or four.

I thought I would highlight this now because they do sell tins so that would be great for gifts or holiday snacking, maybe even for watching a football or basketball game at home.  Or, grab a huge bag to take to a holiday party as a pot luck item.  Popcorn is the ultimate snacking choice!


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