Sky Zone Opens in Louisville! New indoor family fun!


 There’s a new place in town to take your kids when they’re bouncing off the walls: Sky Zone Louisville. This place is huge, and it’s filled with trampolines in lots of different configurations, including trampolines on the walls so you can actually ENCOURAGE your kids to jump off the walls! I recently went there with my son and the LouFamFun first family to check it out and we all had a blast.

The admission price includes shoe rental, and after struggling to get all of our shoes on we agreed that smaller kids should size up and everyone should leave extra time to get their shoes on. Once we got our shoes on and stowed our belongings in the rental lockers (bring quarters), we started off jumping in the open jump court. Patrick gave us the run down on the rules- one jumper per square, no roughhousing, etc. Jumping from trampoline to trampoline was tricky at first, but once we got the hang of it we started bouncing off the walls. I skinned my elbow a little bit, but what fun I had doing it!

Next, we tried the foam block pit. The kids had a great time jumping from the trampolines into the blocks, but I will warn you: the bigger you are, the farther you sink. I think I got my best workout of the day trying to get out of the block pit. Next, we tried the basketball slam dunk courts, which the kids loved but I wasn’t brave enough to attempt. Then we headed over to the dodgeball courts. I was a little disappointed they wouldn’t let the adults play with the kids, but the kids had a great time bouncing and throwing balls at each other.

Sky Zone Louisville just opened October 30. Check them out on Facebook for current info. They offer open jump sessions, parties, SkyRobics, and group outings. Sky Zone is closed Monday, open Tuesday-Thursday 3 pm-8 pm, Friday noon-9 pm, Saturday 10 am- 10 pm, and Sunday 11 am-7 pm (there are also special hours for certain age groups). All prices include shoe rentals. Thirty minutes of jump time is $9 per person, 60 is $13, 90 is $17, and 120 is $20, though 30-60 minutes should be plenty for anyone. Adults can bring their children and only pay for them to jump. There are tables and free wi-fi at the facility. There is also a snack bar, but I would like to see more healthy options than soda, slushies, coffee, chips, and candy at a facility that promotes physical fitness. Sky Zone is located at 2671 Technology Drive in J Town. Call (502) 909-3500 for more info. I hope to see you there soon!

By guest contributor: Maggie

From Stephanie: I think this place is great for kids 5 and up. My almost 4 year old LOVED it, don’t get my wrong. But, she wasn’t fully coordinated enough yet to really jump from square to square whereas my five year old was doing that more fluidly. I want to add that I thought the staff was very attentive and friendly but you jump at your own risk.  They were constantly watching to remind people of the rules. Also, they do have birthday party options and group discounts available. I will definitely go back with my five year old but to save some money, I think I will just let him jump and hang on the side to watch him.

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