Review of the Snow Fairy Princess Tea at The Galt House


PhotobucketIt’s rare that I get my little girl all dressed up to do something special with just her. Usually, we all wear casual clothes, play hard and get dirty.  But, we had the opportunity to attend the Snow Fairy Princess Tea that is a new addition to the Christmas at the Galt House events.  We went on a Sunday and it started at 2pm.

We parked at the Galt House, which was $7.  It was raining so this was convenient. If it wasn’t raining, I would have made a go at some parking on the street that’s free on Sundays.  We arrived a bit early and the doors were not open in the Willow room for the event, so we wandered around the festively decorated hotel.  We made our way back and right before 2pm, they opened the door and checked our name off the ticket list.  It’s open seating, so I let my daughter, 4, select where she wanted to sit.  As people entered, the seats filled.

The wait staff circulated to let us know that apple juice was available if the girls didn’t want tea.  She served some for my daughter and she gave the table a once over to decide just what treat would be the first to try.  My daughter did try some decaff hot tea later and liked it! She selected a cookie and got one for me as well.  They had little cakes, sugar coated fruits and cookies as well as an assortment of teas with all that you need to make your tea just how you like it.  We chatted with the other families at our table and my daughter was just so cute eating off of the nice china and drinking from her tea cup.
PhotobucketThen, the Snow Fairy Princess made her arrival.  She walked around the room talking to each child that wanted a bit of her attention.  She had a wand of Snow Fairy dust to shake into their little hands and then encourage them to blow the dust to spread some magic and bring some snow!  My daughter was hesitant and did not want to get out of her chair and really engage with the princess but she watched her every move and all of the children were really impressed with this Snow Fairy Princess.  I thought she made it around the room nicely and all of the children got ample time to talk to her and hear about being a Snow Fairy Princess.

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe wait staff was available the entire time to refill hot water or juice and bring out more treats. Everything was delicious!  It was very well done; the room had such nice light and the atmosphere was really perfect for an event like this one.  At around 3pm, everyone finished their tea and treats and the Snow Fairy Princess escorted all of the children and families to KaLightoscope (included in the fee for the tea party).   As I said before, my daughter was hesitant to get too close to the Snow Fairy Princess at the tea but she really started to warm up to her as we headed to KaLightoscope. She wanted to make sure we were with her as we went through the colorful display.  You can read more about KaLightoscope but clicking HERE.  We had been before and posted a review.  My daughter loves the Christmas Village and Candy Cane Forest area the best. And, to my delight and surprise, she finally agreed to pose with the Snow Fairy Princess in her castle (the sister of the princess at the tea, of course).

PhotobucketI just love these little events with my daughter.  The day was more than just the tea- it was picking out her dress, doing her hair, adorning jewelry that she only wears occasionally and tapping around in excitement over the shiny shoes that are definitely more fun than her usually tennis shoes she needs to keep up with her big brother.  The event gave us a reason to stop being so busy and just enjoy each other!

The tickets are $19.95 for the tea and it does include KaLightoscope.  You will spend about 1 hour at the tea and at least 1 hour at KaLightoscope and all that it offers.  


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