CONTEST! I’m cleaning out my drawers


I have a drawer where I usually plop my laptop when I work at our kitchen table.  But, I have since declared that I need to stop doing this because kitchen tables are for eating and not for conducting my business and I moved some things around in my house and I am cleaning out that drawer. It’s my prize drawer. Seriously good stuff has been in this drawer.  I thought there were just business cards left that needed some organizing but by golly oh molly- I found some admission tickets to the Kentucky Science Center (formerly Louisville Science Center but they underwent a name change.  Same great museum, slightly different name. I have 4 to give away.

Then, I don’t know, I just kept digging.  Indeed, I found more McDonald’s freebies. I feel like I have enough McDonald’s freebie cards to giveaway 5 a day for a year but no, I just have a few more, the drawer is not that big.  I mostly have McCafe beverage cards, so I will send you 4 of those if you win so you can all get a bev before you go learn about Science.

Then, I have to mail said items so I figure I will send them along with a nice fridge magnet to help you do your LouFamFun planning and pin up endless amounts of kid-art and a LouFamFun Pass because without it,  your wallet is just crying for the friend it’s never met.

Good luck – be fabuLOUs!

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