Service Projects for Families in and around Louisville – Where can families volunteer?


PhotobucketDoing things together makes service more meaningful.  Not only do families benefit from the time spent together but children get to witness a project from start to finish with a reward at the end that isn’t material – it’s pride, empathy, satisfaction from what they have done – it’s more than the usual tangible reward.

Here are some ideas for families around Kentuckiana.  What can you do together in service to our community to help other families, other citizens?
Even if these ideas don’t directly take you to your next service project, I hope that they will inspire you to talk with your children about what they would like to do for others and you can all develop your service project together and get started.
  • Catholic Charities of Louisville is always looking for volunteers to help with refugee services.  You can volunteer your skills, time to help people feel welcome and learn about our culture or items that they need.
  • The West End School always has a wish-list posted and needs volunteers for cooking or tutoring.  Or, if you have another idea, I am sure they are open to hearing about how you want to help.
  • Your family can plan and run your own donation drive for Maryhurst or for Boys and Girls Haven. They are constantly in need of items to help serve the children and families in their programs.  Coordinate a small (or large) event targeting a theme on their wish lists. 
  • Volunteer in your child’s school.  There are children in need right in your community. Contact your school counselors and see what your school needs.  They may need help with the facilities like painting or may need help with mentoring or tutoring.
  • During the holidays, we tend to think a lot about places like Salvation Army and food drives.  But, these organizations need help year round to service families.  The Salvation Army has families that live at their facility and they also host transient people in need of help.  Your family can help in so many ways from helping to decorate their short-term living areas, hosting a drive, dining with the families and  hosting an activity for the families.    Year-round, consider Dare to Care Food Bank (volunteer in a Kids Cafe), Kentucky Harvest and Blessings in a Backpack.  By helping these organizations, your impact is wide-spread because they cover a large area.  
  • There are countless senior care centers and your presence at these places brings these wonderful folks such joy.  There are far to many to list but you can do a little research about your area of town and find one and see what there needs are and develop a project.  Maybe you can plan an activity with them, make cards for a holiday and deliver them to the residents or entertain them during a meal.
  • The Family and Children’s Place has an extensive list of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and things that families can do together.  
  • St. Joseph Children’s Home can use volunteers for projects around their facility and working in their thrift store. Or, your family can get crafty and take on a sewing project and make things for the children and learn to quilt at the same time! 
  • Research these organizations and see if they have big annual events.  For example – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana has Bowl for Kids Sake (offering opportunities in Louisville and surrounding counties). Families can form a team and set fundraising goals, come up with innovative ideas for raising the money, challenge each other and then have a fun day bowling to celebrate what they have done for the kids that this organization serves.  There are many groups that do something similar!
  • At a loss for coming up with your own idea?  The Metro United Way has a search option and you can review their projects and choose on that gets your family motivated to help.  Search HERE.
Whatever it is, if you do it together it will strengthen your family bond and help the community in a big way.  Your children will see the impact of their actions and be challenged to better themselves and their community.
Give of your time and be fabuLOUs!
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