Food and Fun! Great local family-friendly restaurants around Louisville



Fun places to eat with kids in Louisville


1. Derby Dinner Playhouse:

Link to Children’s Theatre Schedule and Information

2. Fuji’s Japanese Steakhouse: This has to be one of my personal favorites. My kids and I frequent
this local establishment so much that we are all on a first name basis and I rarely have to
actually place an order. My kids absolutely beg to go. All four of them. If you know kids, you
know getting them to collectively agree on anything; especially food is a major task. Not only do
they get a fun show with a staff that caters so patiently and fondly to children, but your kids are
eating vegetables at LUNCH! WHAT?!? I know….awesome. I, on the other hand get to enjoy
their delicious sushi. I don’t know about you, but sushi just makes me feel better about life in
general. 😉 They will also allow you to split the portions for the little ones. Although my big kids
(7 and 9) have definitely graduated to the full portion. Love love love Fuji’s and you will too.

Link for Fuji’s Japanese Steakhouse

3. Mike Linnigs: This is one of our favorite spots for warm weather. This is a great spot on the
river to enjoy some seafood fare among other things on their expansive menu. The kids love the
outdoor seating where they are free to run around like crazy people and play on the playground
that is centered within the picnic table style outdoor seating. They will always be in good
company. Although this place is out on its own away from town, it is a happening family spot.
After lunch we walk out to the river and take a stroll. It’s always helpful to get up and walk
around after scarfing down a delicious fried fish sandwich.

Link for Mike Linnigs Restaurant


Photobucket5. Joe Huber’s: Yes, Starlight Indiana is a bit of a drive, but there are few better ways to spend a
beautiful day than experiencing life on a farm with your little one. Pet some goats pick some
strawberries and pull up to the lunch table for some home cooking. You won’t be sorry!

Link for Joe Huber’s

Photobucket6. The Belle of Louisville: Here they offer a great lunch experience. A lunch on the Belle would
probably most appreciated by the bigger kids that are stable enough to roam around freely and
enjoy the view. From 12-2 on selected dates, this cruise promises to fill you and your little ones
up buffet style while touring the Ohio River steamboat style.

Link for The Belle of Louisville


8. Wild Eggs: This is one of our frequent stops. My kids would have pancakes for every meal,
so breakfast for lunch is always a treat. There’s no big crazy entertaining experience here.
However, if you’re pressed for time and you want to make lunch special and super delish, this is
the place. My kids are always asking to go back. The super friendly staff always goes above and
beyond to bring out their food fast and to keep them engaged with banter. I can only guess the
staff is a big part of what makes this place to kid friendly. Just an added tip: Get the Calamity
Katy. It’s beyond words.

Link for Wild Eggs


Happy Lunching! Make it local and make it FabuLOUs!


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