How to participate in the KidStuff Children’s Consignment Event


What is a KidStuff Children’s Consignment Sale? A Children’s consignment sale is when families come together to sell to and shop from one another! And KidStuff Sale is Kentuckiana longest running consignment sale! Since 1997, KidStuff has hosted events, providing a venue to families to buy what they need for their families, primarily funded from selling what they don’t.

Super simple and FUN! Here are the steps to participating in a KidStuff Children’s Consignment Event:

1)Go to and register to be a consignor/seller at one or all three sales (aka sell your kid’s stuff)
2)Enter information about your item into our online system with as much or as little detail as you’d like
3)Print your price tags (they already have barcodes on them) at home – 8 to a sheet of paper
4)Cut and attach barcode tags to each item following step by step directions from our website
5)Bring your tagged items to us at the sale location on a designed time and we take it from there!
6) As a seller YOU shop other families unwanted KidStuff before we open to the public to sell the rest
7)At the end of sale week you come back, pick up any unsold items and your proceeds check!

That’s it….no stickers, no handwriting, no chaos, no wait times while a consignment SHOP goes through your things and gives you less than what you deserve for your items. KidStuff Sales are well organized, highly shoppable events with items displayed like a store! Easy to shop, highly advertised and anticipated sale events. No better way to get the cash from your bins of outgrown clothing and shoes as well as toys, infant equipment, furniture – anything and everything Kid related.

And, an added bonus to participating in KidStuff Sale events are the other moms you’ll meet and the friendships that develop! Everyone is motivated by the great bargains they find and work together to run a smooth well organized event. KidStuff families agree, they can’t image shopping retail after the deals they find at KidStuff Events. KidStuff – a win-win for everyone where you get more money for their stuff and more stuff for their money!

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