The Big Four Pedestrian Bridge at Louisville’s Waterfront Park


After much anticipation, the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge is finally open. I was there for the opening
ceremony, as was what felt like half the city. There were brief opening statements before they opened
up the railroad-crossing style barriers and allowed the first pedestrians onto the bridge to the sound of
a steam locomotive played over the loudspeakers. The excitement was palpable as people walked, ran,
and biked to Indiana for the first time. I saw a guy on a unicycle, people in Victorian period clothing, and
a guy on a penny farthing, among other characters. This is
why I love Louisville- so much wonderful and enthusiastic weirdness.

This latest addition to Waterfront Park is going to be a wonderful place for families. I’m especially
excited about taking my kids up there to run off some energy. The railings are plenty high, the grade of
the ramp is gentle, there are benches and trash cans all along the bridge, and how cool is it to be able to
say you’ve walked to Indiana!

By guest contributor: Maggie


Later on opening day, I picked the kids up from school and headed straight to the bridge. I wanted to be there on the day they opened.  The kids and I walked the .74 miles across and then back again. It’s a 1.5 mile trip to Indiana and back.  The views were wonderful. We took a casual stroll, stopping at the benches for a snack and watching airplanes fly over downtown.  I thought about the spring and summer when boats hit the Ohio, how nice it will be to sit up there with the kids or take a stroll over to Indiana to see a concert on the Jeffersonville Riverstage.

Much to my surprise, about halfway over the bridge, we started to hear music.  They have speakers on the bridge piping music and it really made our trip.  On this opening day, they had patriotic tunes playing loudly and the kids and I felt compelled to march.

Grab the dog, the stroller or your bikes and head for a day out on the waterfront where now, you not only can enjoy the paths along the river, but above as well!


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