Backyard Fun with the kids – Simple ideas for big fun


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Spring is in the air!  We love promoting all of the places to go and explore around Louisville. But, let’s be realistic. You can’t go somewhere everyday but those kids still love to be entertained.  What can you do right in your own backyard?  Here’s some ideas from the LouFamFun writers.  

My kids and their friends enjoy the inflatable tires I bought for a bean bag toss. They love to crawl through them, put someone inside and stack the inflatables on top of them and then push them over, hiding in the tires and sometimes throwing the bean bag inside. I bought them from oriental trading and whenever I bring them out they have a blast! (1 yr old-4 yrs old) – Tanya

We take 2 litter bottles of coke and put chopped up mentos inside. It causes the coke to shoot up in the sky. – Yolanda

We like the slip n slide and water table. Once we blew up a bunch of balloons and put them on the trampoline and the kids really liked jumping around with them. Bubble painting is also a favorite. – Maggie 

My kids (7 and 4) love to play outside in the dark with flashlights. The possibilities are endless! They also enjoy rolling all their trucks, balls and pool toys down the slide. – Brandy

We love to paint with real paint rollers and huge paint brushes with this washable sidewalk paint: ½ cup of cold tap water, ½ cup of cornstarch, and however many drops of food coloring you want. Or you can just take a bucket of water and a paint brush and let them paint the deck or your fence. This summer we’re also going to do big flat Rubbermaid totes with Cheerios or other cheap cereal for my little boy and let him play with all his trucks, then leave what spills for the birds! – Erin

My kids love the ole Cops and robbers often it turns into superheros vs villains depending if costumes are involved or not. The kids hide a bag aka money bag in the backyard while my husband is in the front of the house. The kids yell ready. Then my husband tries to find it, retrieve it and not get caught. Lots of exercise – Jeanette

My niece and nephew love to play in the sprinkler, i know it is old school but the first warm day I bet it will be hooked up. – Christine

We’re big with bubbles and water (balloons, buckets, sponges, water table) – Caryn

Sidewalk paint is always a fan favorite. And setting up water “obstacles” around the whole yard with baby pools, sprinklers, etc is great fun too – Karen

Good ol’ soccer ball and tag. Followed by bubbles and chalk.  – Jackie

My kids love to hunt for anything.  We hide Easter eggs all year round, toy dinos or farm animals.  They grab a bucket and run around to collect them all.  They also love to pretend that their playset is a pirate ship and have weathered many “storms” up there! – Stephanie

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