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As sports approach it is important to remember that safety of our children is our number one goal, no matter how much we want that trophy for them. Prevention and early detection of problems can often reduce complication when injuries arise that is why Dr. Foster advises that all children old enough to play sports is given a pre-sports physical. “Pre-participation physicals can catch problems early and can be as simple as recommending different shoes or as serious as needing the child to be seen by a cardiologist.” Sports physicals are done by primary care doctors, school trainers, and chiropractors to look for possible conditions that could make playing a sport particularly dangerous.

He also recommends warming up and stretching before each practice and game. Simple stretches that every sport should do include: 1. Sit and reach hamstring stretch, 2. Standing calf stretch, 3. Standing quadriceps stretch, and 4. Simple back rotation stretching. “A daily stretch routine is important to keep muscles from contracting over time and increasing the chances of injury.”

Parents and coaches alike should get in on the act as sedentary jobs are reducing flexibility in our population, which often leads to back pain and headaches. “Nearly every one of my patients needs to stretch their legs, yoga teachers excluded. We commonly recommend a brief morning and evening stretching routine to help people care for themselves in addition to what we do in the office.”

Also a little advice for parents sitting in/on uncomfortable bleachers, bring a padded seat or a few towels to set down and give yourself some cushion. “By sitting on hard, unforgiving surfaces we can place pressure on our sciatic nerves and that can cause pain, tingling in the legs, or numbness. A soft sitting surface and hopefully a lower back support often can make the difference between watching your children have fun and being in agony, and lets face it nobody wants to miss their kid make the big play.”

Casey Foster, DC is a licensed practicing chiropractor at Foster Chiropractic, which focuses on improving people’s health and wellbeing through hands on treatment and patient education. If your child needs a sports physical please call our office and he will be happy to make sure they are ready to compete with the best. If you or someone you know is suffering from headaches or back pain that is keeping you from playing and spending time with your kids, give Dr. Foster a call and let him help you reach your healthcare goals.

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