Making Pancakes with metal cookie cutters

My family loves pancakes on the weekend and it always kicks off our day of fun. But, once I started making basic shapes, my kids started requesting more complex shapes. I am just not that crafty with the batter, it just oozes everywhere and I get a blobish-horse instead of anything that really resembles a horse. Then, at Christmas time, we were making our cookies with metal cutters and I thought possibly, I could make pancakes with them. I was going to make circles and then just cut out the shape but I didn’t want to waste the extra on the outside.

It does work, straight on the pan! I use a pan that’s completely flat on the bottom and preheat it. I mix up my standard Bisquick batter that I buy in enormous quantities at Costco and put some butter on the pan. Then, I use cooking spray and spray the inside of the metal cookie cutter. Place the cookie cutter on the pan and slowly pour the batter inside. If you pour it too fast, it may ooze under then cutter and the shape won’t form. However, pouring it slowly allows it to cook a little as it spread and slow it down, keeping it within the cutter. We also love to drop in chocolate chips, of course.

When it bubbles a little, slowly remove the cookie cutter and flip the pancake carefully to maintain the shape. When you repeat the process, spray the cookie cutter on the inside again. Also, cookie cutters that are larger and don’t have small detail spots work better!

Happy flap jacking!

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