Sweet Frog Opens in Prospect


There’s a newly opened frozen yogurt shop, Sweet Frog in Prospect.  It is up 42 past the Gene Snyder in the Prospect Village Shopping Center at 5909 Timber Ridge Dr.   These same owners have a shop in Clarksville and are bringing their frozen yogurt treats to this side of the Ohio.

We grabbed treats after dinner for a total of just over $9.  There pay per ounce rate is $0.43/ounce. They have a cheery interior with pink and green and have two different size cups.  I really liked that they have smaller cups since my kids are just tall enough to fill up their own cups, it keeps them under control.  I had a mint mixed with chocolate topped with mini chocolate chips and the kids selected their typical crazy blend of flavors and candy toppings (limited to 3 toppings, mommy’s rule).  They have an array of toppings like in their Clarksville store (see our review here) and hopefully, they will host fun events like that have done at their Clarksville store!  And, I did notice some unique flavors – Maple Bacon Donut for example.  Tasted it – surprisingly delicious.

If you love these frozen yogurt shops that have popped up around town, check out this new Sweet Frog location.


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