Church Summer Picnics in and around Louisville: May-August 2013


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Church Summer Picnics, you say you’ve never been?! There is so much fun to be had!

 photo picnic1_zpsc132d8a9.jpg photo picnic4_zps816c96c4.jpgFrom the beginning of May through the end of August, Summer Picnics are everywhere (followed by Fall Festivals in September-November). These Picnics provide a little of everything – great food, music, arts and crafts, games, casino nights, beer tents, bounce houses, and rides (*depending on the location). Whether just grabbing a bite to eat at a fried-chicken-dinner night, or spending some time at the game tents trying to win a houseplant, there is a little something for everyone in the family.

 photo picnic2_zpsed885311.jpgWe have been attending the picnics since my son was a little over one, and have found them to be a great family evening out! Just don’t forget your change at home to play games. As far as costs, they do vary. Picnics are free to enter; otherwise it depends on whether you purchase tickets/arm bands for rides, eat a meal, or hit up the food vendors. Generally games are cheap: nickels, dimes, and quarters, but can be up to a dollar for “fun” games for the kids. Picnics normally run on Fridays & Saturdays, some being Saturday only, and a few open up the rides for a special “ride night” on Thursdays.

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