Louisville.AM Kickstarter


I admit, before I met Dan Vonderheide, I didn’t know much about podcasting – ok, that’s a lie, I knew nothing at all. A while back, he asked if he could interview me for a podcast about entrepreneurs called Startup (Listen to it here) It was a great time chatting about what I have done and he turned it into a cool talk-radio style podcast.  His podcasts are”local” and convenient: on-demand.  Since then, he has moved toward awakening this dream of a local on-demand station for content that will be online and through apps.  So cool!  Dan asked me to join Louisville.AM to create an informative podcasts for local parents that will both entertain and be useful to the listener.  Of course, I am all over it!  My first introductory podcast is available now, click here.

Join me in supporting this local, innovative endeavor to bring Kentuckiana quality, on-demand shows to highlight the great lives we live in Louisville and do it well.  In order to do it well, Dan needs a modest studio.  For example, when you listen to my podcast, you will hear my adorable yet terribly annoying barking dog in the background.  It happened only once when something moved in the front yard but, with a studio, we’d be dog-barking-free.  Free us of the dog barking and consider backing this Kickstarter and this local entrepreneur, Dan Vonderheide.  Pledges can be as low as $1, I bet you can find that in the floorboard of you car.


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