Review of KidTech Summit at Oldham County Library


 photo tech7_zpsdabad0c0.jpg photo tech4_zpsf8f848c2.jpg photo tech5_zpsd0770478.jpg photo tech_zpsc2dcb8e1.jpgMy kids and I had the privilege of going to the KidTech Summit hosted
at the La Grange Main Library. The goal of KidTech Summit is to get
kids excited about science, technology, engineering, math, and
entrepreneurship. It is geared toward elementary school age kids, but
my 4 year old had a great time, and I saw older kids having a great
time as well.

Several companies were invited to be a part of the Summit, and each
company had a separate station around the library.
When we first entered, each child was given a KidTech Passport where
they could get a stamp from each station. There were a total of 9
stations, and once all 9 stamps were collected, the kids went to a
10th station where they received a ticket for a chance to win an iPad,
and a color changing pencil.

The stations included an area to make your own invention from
household materials, a coding game app on a bunch of iPads, a
computerized Lego station, a coloring station, a space satellite
station, computer music programs, sheep brains and pig lungs to touch,
and more.

I observed my kids not only having a great time, but learning about
science and technology. I think this was a great event. It was fun,
educational, and free. I would definitely recommend taking your kids
when they host another KidTech Summit.

By guest contributor: Caryn

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