Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville – April 5,6,7

Family Adventure Day
Grandmother Power at Ali Center

 photo 21Live_zpsc6adddbd.jpgToday is going to be gorgeous – I just can’t wait to get consistent spring weather and start complaining about how hot it is.  We are going to head to the YMCA, it’s been a spring break of eating for us and I need some exercise.
And Saturday – squeeeeeeeee – 70!!  Also, be sure to tune in tomorrow at 10am for 21 Live to see the debut of the LouFamFun segment!

LEGO KidsFest starts today. If you are thinking you want to head there last minute, tonight’s session is almost and the second Saturday session is sold out.  But, there’s still some tickets left for the other sessions. We’ll be there!

Also today, Friday, you can get FREE admission to the Muhammad Ali Center and to see the Kentucky Show because they are opening a new pedestrian tunnel that connects the Belvedere to the Ali center! (According to post HERE – however, I have just been informed at 11:55am 4/5 that the post on the Mayor’s page didn’t have full information/it was unclear.  It’s only free for those that attended the opening of the bridge this morning.)

 photo IMG_4226_zpsf9942422.jpgIn this weather, my first love is the Falls of the Ohio.  My kids LOVE going there and exploring.  With a sunny day and 70 degree weather, it’s perfect.  I call this place my “YES Place” because I feel like I usually walk around saying NO! STOP! COME HERE! all day long but when you go to the Falls of the Ohio, it’s about exploring and climbing and I can say YES!  Except for taking fossils home….that is a “no no” but they do have some super old shale by the parking lot that kids can dig through and find a treasure.
 photo IMG_4230_zps7cccc4c7.jpgThen, on your way home, stop at Widow’s Walk Ice Cream and take in the awesome view of downtown Louisville and guess what?!?!  There’s a half price deal right now – find it here.

Take in the sunshine this weekend, stock up on that vitamin D that your body has been craving for weeks.  See all of the park reviews we have written and pack a picnic to head out to a new one.  Make it simple, spend it together and welcome spring – for real!


KCD Open House
Papa Johns Pizza
Louisville Zoo Halloween


  • Hello! I called Stonybrook 20 to ask them what they were showing for this week's Sensory Sensitive Cinema but they said they weren't doing it this week. It is on your calendar so I thought I'd let you know!

  • We will add a note to the calendar to call ahead in case the theater is skipping a week! Thanks

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