LouFamFun $10 Challenge – May

 photo 3-1_zpsd66f2798.jpgWhat FUN things can you and your family do around
Louisville, KY with only $10 in your pocket?? 
I had an exciting challenge of making this happen and instantly
realized I don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.  My adventure took place over two weekends.

With Spring weather slowly approaching us, our first
activity involved my girls and I sitting on our deck early one morning enjoying
the beautiful weather, birds singing, and watching the swirling movement of the
Ohio River. I had a cup of coffee while my two girls drew pictures of
our beautiful surroundings.  It was quite
peaceful watching them draw colorful pictures from their interpretation of the
scenery.  Time seems to fly by as they
were drawing and I was quite amazed an hour had gone by but…it was completely FREE!

The next activity was an idea I had found on Pinterest.  Since I’m a Pinterest follower (more like
addict), I found some ideas on how to turn some of my running t-shirts into FUN
Zumba workout clothes.  I’m a runner and
have acquired a lot of running t-shirts through my various races that just sit
in my closet.  My girls love being creative
and fashionable, so they will take every chance they can to help cut, rip, and
we have a plain t-shirts into new styles. 
This took another hour and was absolutely FREE and lots of FUN!
To end the day, we decided to go to the Mahan Oldham County Library…which is our favorite library…to pick out some fun reading for the
evening.  Since we have a passion for
reading, I wanted my girls to pick out some FUN books they could read and share
what they learned with the family.  We
each got 1 book and my 9 year old read a book to us in the car on the way to
rent a movie for “Family Movie Night”.  The girls were super excited because we
hadn’t spent any of our $10 yet. 
We did stop at Red Box in Oldham County to rent “The Hobbit” which cost us $1.25.  This isn’t a movie review but I would highly
recommend this movie for the family.  “The Hobbit” does have some scenes that
may be frightening for small children.
 photo 6_zpscfc5fd40.jpgCreasey Mahan Nature Preserve was next on our list for FUN
the 2nd weekend of our April challenge.  The nature preserve is located in Oldham
County and happens to be located just down the road from where we live and is a
great place to take your family hiking and enjoying nature.  Our family attended a recent seminar on spring flowers.  We also
toured the bird observation room and various animal exhibits.  My two girls had a blast running around
asking what all of the animals were. 
Additionally, we went on a nature walk so the girls could visit the frog
pond where they were able to find turtles sunbathing on the logs and little tad poles swimming along the shoreline. The nature preserve is completely FREE and
survives based on donations from the community so the girls want to use some of
the $10 to donate towards the nature preserve. 
$5 was donated towards the nature preserve!
 photo 5_zps98ceaaf3.jpgAfter the great fun we had at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve,
we drove to Thornton’s gas station in Oldham County on U.S. 42 to get free ices
for the girls.  On Saturdays, kids 12 and
under get free icees if an item is purchased for $.99 and higher.  So, my husband and I each bought two waters
which came to $2.25 so the girls were each able to get a regular icee with the
flavor of their choice for FREE!  So far, we had spent $8.50 of the $10 we had
allocated towards our LFF challenge. 
Yet, we had more fun planned! 
The next stop on our agenda was the Henry’s Ark petting zoo which is
also located in Oldham County on North Rose Island.  This zoo is an awesome place to spend time
with your family and it’s also FREE.  We were given a bag of carrots by a friend to
feed the animals.  My 9 year old and I
had been to Henry’s Ark about a year ago when we first moved to KY so we
wanted to share this fun with my 4 year old and husband who haven’t had the
experience yet.  Henry Ark’s has a
lot of great animals such as zebras, llamas, peacocks, donkeys, deer, chickens,
goats, pigs, and emus.  All of these
animals loved the carrots we brought and my girls had a blast feeding
them.  Both girls had so much fun so they
wanted to take the rest of the $10 we had left which was $1.50 and put into the
donation box for the zoo.
Since we spent all of our allotted $10, what was next??
 photo 7_zps3802a0e9.jpgBoth girls had bottles of bubbles they received as gifts
from their Easter baskets, so we headed home to end the awesome day with
blowing bubbles in our back yard down by the Ohio River.  The girls spent most of their time chasing
bubbles my husband was blowing.  I think
my husband had more fun than the girls! 
This was another activity that was completely FREE and was quite fun for the entire family!
I was quite impressed with all of the FUN and EXCITING activities
the entire family was able to do together within a 5 mile radius of our home in
Oldham County with only $10 in our pocket over two weekends!!  Although a lot of the areas we enjoyed were FREE, they need donations to remain
open for everyone’s enjoyment! 

By guest contributor: Tammy

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