Louisville – Support those with Food Allergies – FARE Walk for Food Allergies

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Do you read every label, on every package of food, every week, at the grocery store?

Have you ever feared for your child’s life as you took them to a friend’s birthday party

or school celebration? Do you bake most things from scratch so you can control the

ingredients? Chances are no, unless you have a child or family member with a life threatening food allergy.

It is estimated that 1 in 13 children have food allergies and there has been a dramatic

increase in the last few years by those affected by food allergies. If you are not

personally dealing with a food allergy, chances are you are in contact with someone who

does. As a parent of a children with a severe food allergies, I can say with certainty that

having support from non-allergic families is key.

This is Food Allergy Awareness Week sponsored by FARE (Food

Allergy Research and Education). Take some time this week to learn more about food

allergies and how you can help to keep everyone safe. You can start by clicking here to

learn more about how you can be a PAL to those with food allergies.

 You can also show support for Louisville friends who are dealing with food allergies by

participating in the FARE Walk for Food Allergies. This walk will be held for the first

time in Louisville on August 10, 2013. Bring your whole family for a fun walk on the

riverfront and show your support for the millions that deal with food allergies every day.

For more information on the walk, to register a team, or find out how to be a sponsor visit


By guest contributor: Tami

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