June Family Book Review

 photo IMG_3632_zpsa28c5c04.jpgThis month’s book feature is the TIME for Kids, Big Book of Where. Where do lemurs live? Where was the largest Maya city? Where did the Titanic sink?

Do your kids ask the question “where” a lot? Mine sure do. Often followed by many “whys!” My youngest doesn’t quite ask the who, what, where, and when questions yet. He just says “Momma” 1000 times until I look at him, and then he shows me the bulldozer for the 10,000th time! This book compiled by Time Home Entertainment is that indeed: very entertaining. My daughter was engrossed with this book for about a week or more. She is really into science and loves facts: and this one contains 801 of them! This book was right up her alley because it’s very colorful and has all those nice tidbits of information contained all in one place. Each chapter covers each of the seven continents, and there are chapters covering the oceans, space, and stuff around your home.

Check this book out at your local library, whether it’s Louisville Free Public Library or Oldham County Public Libraries, or another one. The library is always stocked full of these TIME types of books, whether it’s the Scholastic records books or other compilation books that are full of the question/answer formats that so many kids love to read. And remember, summer reading is still in full swing so get those awesome reading prizes for your kids!

Guess what? We have a copy to giveaway as well! Be on the lookout on LouisvilleFamilyFun.net to see when this book will be ready for a new reader! Happy reading, as always!

By guest contributor: Erin

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