Personal Opinion: Toy Testers Needed!

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Toy testers needed! 
Boys & Girls ages 4-8

 photo LOGOJPEG_zpsc3cc9698.jpgPersonal Opinion, a marketing research facility in St. Matthews, needs boys and girls ages 4-8 who have never participated in toy research, and whose siblings have not participated within the past year. 

 photo Room3_zpsf5bda31c.jpgThe kids come in to their facility just off Breckenridge Lane and look at toys and then get a nice toy to take  home as a thanks for their participation. Because a parent has to help the 4-5 year old children, the parent of children of those ages receives a small cash incentive as well as the child getting a toy.

The children usually really enjoy it, and it takes about an hour to complete.

Parents can contact us at 502-899-2400

Sign up for future alerts about potential research panel opportunities via their website: Click here

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