Review of The Parklands of Floyds Fork Canoeing in Louisville, KY

 photo canoe_zps66ce65a6.jpgI recently attended a media canoe trip that began in Pope
Lick Park and ended in The Strand. 
During the peaceful and scenic trip, the guides kept telling us we were
only five miles from Shelbyville Road or that we were only 20 miles from
downtown.  I couldn’t believe it.  We saw a Blue Heron, two foot Gar, water
snakes, frogs, and plenty of other wildlife. 
There was no noise from traffic and almost no litter.  How could a park that was so pristine and
isolated exist so close to the hustle and bustle of Louisville?  And how did I not know about it?
The whole time I was there I tried to visualize exactly
where I was.  As soon as I got home I got
on their website and looked at the map. 
The Parklands of Floyds Fork is a massive new park system in Eastern Jefferson County comprised of five
distinctive parks.  Beckley Creek Park,
Pope Lick Park, The Strand, Turkey Run Park, and Broad Run Park make up
approximately 25% of the Louisville Loop.  If Louisville were a clock, these parks would
occupy the space between 3 and 6, running from Shelbyville Road in Eastwood to
Bardstown Road.
There is also an interesting bit of local folklore
associated with this area.  Have you
heard of the Goatman of Pope Lick?  What
about the Pope Lick Monster?  I hadn’t, either.  Apparently there’s a creature that is half
man and half goat living in the area. 
Luckily for him they are working to restore his natural habitat.
The Parklands of Floyds Fork are a public park system, so you can use them any time during normal operating hours.  Want to go kayaking after work?  Take your gear and go for it. They do not offer canoe or equipment rentals, so you either have to use your own equipment or rent it elsewhere. Click here to check water levels.  Want to go
fishing?  Take your fishing license and
hit the water.  There are also playgrounds
and spraygrounds,
soccer fields, hiking trails, summer camps, and so much more.  The entire park system will be open in 2015,
so check their website before you head out. Click here for a complete map of the Parklands. I’ll see you on the

By guest contributor: Maggie

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