Summer Spinal Check Ups for Kids


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 How often do kids need to be seen by the chiropractor? 

 This is a very common question from the moms and dads who come to my office. There are of course different schools of thought about child chiropractic care. Some chiropractors will claim that kids need to be seen every 2 weeks! I do not make those claims for one very simple reason: there is no research to back it up. Instead, I give kids a spinal check up once every 6 months. At these check ups some children will need some kind of treatment but many do not, just like going to the dentist.

Why do they need a check up? Great question!

Children, as all parents know, tend to play rough, run a lot, and fall regularly. When they do there can be small aches and pains that most kids overcome rather quickly (a week or so). But what do you do when your kid doesn’t bounce back like normal? Most pediatricians are very hesitant to treat any muscle, ligament, or joint issues with prescription drugs, due to complication and dependency risks. Instead, I address problems at their source: muscle injury=muscle treatments, ligament injuries=ligament treatments, and of course, joint issues=joint treatment. Since the spine has many complex layers of muscles (6 layers!) and such a high concentration of joints (96!), we tend to see more than one of these types of issues with spinal injuries.

The summer is when most children are brought in for Spinal Check Ups to my office, often because the kids are out of school but also because they spend so much more time out side, running/playing/climbing.

So, if you are ready for your child to get a Summer Spinal Check Up call our office, the most it will cost (without insurance) is $40 and more often than not, insurance will reduce your out of pocket cost substantially.

Casey Foster, DC is a licensed practicing chiropractor at Foster Chiropractic, which focuses on improving people’s health and well being through hands on treatment and patient education. If your child needs a sports physical please call our office and he will be happy to make sure they are ready to compete with the best. If you or someone you know is suffering from headaches or back pain that is keeping you from playing and spending time with your kids, give Dr. Foster a call and let him help you reach your health care goals.

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