Review of Bob Hedge Park: a park designed with the physically disabled in mind

 photo IMG_3205_zpsdfeb5440.jpg photo IMG_3201_zps4d4baa5c.jpg photo IMG_3193_zps0bb10adb.jpgWe recently visited Jeffersonville’s Bob Hedge Park. It was about
5 minutes off of exit 1 from I-65. The park sits inside a neighborhood setting
with lots of trees for shade and plenty of free parking. I immediately noticed
the size of the play area-it’s HUGE! The play area is also gated, which is
super nice for those of us with wandering children. The lock on the gate is
currently broken but just having it closed seemed to deter the kids from trying
to escape. The maintenance staff, who were there emptying trash cans noted that
fixing the lock was “on their list”, though. The play area was completely
covered with rubber for a safer surface. The play equipment was all designed
with the physically disabled in mind.

There were gentle inclined ramps
throughout the entire area with plenty of space for maneuvering a wheelchair.  Like many playgrounds now, there were games
installed on the equipment like spinning tic-tac-toe, steering wheels, puzzles
and other manipulatives. The good thing here was that all of these were put at
a lower level with extra space in front of them for wheelchair placement. They also
had two adaptive swings. All of the equipment appeared to be well maintained.

The bathrooms were just a few steps away and each had two
stalls with handrails in each. The women’s bathroom also had a baby changing
station. The doors to the bathroom had a “no touch” entrance/exit device on
them. I wasn’t able to get them to work, although I could have been doing it
There were several picnic tables and grills around if you
would like to take a lunch. There is also a pavilion with several tables and lights
for those who prefer an evening outing.
 photo IMG_3217_zps9f140231.jpg photo IMG_3215_zpscdfae744.jpgThe park has a small walking loop flanked with exercise
equipment. Every exercise station had an adapted version of the exercise for
those in wheelchairs. After taking in all that this park has to offer, cool off
with their misting station-a big hit with my kids! If you do go to this park,
you may consider also checking out a quiet walk on the JeffersonvilleRiverfront. It was a 5 minute drive, wheelchair accessible, and beautiful.

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By guest contributor: Jennifer
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