Review of PLANES 3-D

 photo IMG_3337_zps00f1f819.jpgDisney’s movie, PLANES is a spin-off from the hit CARS and is sure to be a family

favorite. I took my son, 4 and his friend, 8 to the Stonybrook theaters and they both enjoyed the show. Without

giving too much away, the story was about a ‘little plane’ turned working class hero.

There were lots of lovable and funny characters. I was happy to see several more

female characters in this film, which may entice more girls to watch it. There was

humor for the kids and some adult innuendo that kids don’t typically notice.

If you

see the movie in 3-D (which was awesome!), be sure to keep your child’s comfort in

mind. They will have to wear 3-D glasses. Some kiddos don’t like anything on their

face, so if this is a concern opt for the standard viewing as 3-D movies with no 3-D

glasses can be a little blurry. Overall, a big hit with us!

By guest contributor: Jennifer

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