Review of The Village Anchor Pub & Roost


I had the impression that The Village Anchor was a place that I should go with my husband for a date night or out for an evening with my friends – but not a place for my kids. When the Louisville Children’s Museum had a fundraising event there in early July, I decided to give it a shot with the kids and like the restaurant’s website says “expect the unexpected,” the kids and I had a fantastic evening!

First, the location in the little village area of Anchorage is just perfect. It really takes you to another place – I’m not sure where but I certainly felt like I was not so close to home.  It was a hot evening and the kids claimed they wanted to sit outside but I was not looking forward to sweating through my meal.  We checked in, I made reservations on, and the hostess sat us outside.  Unexpectedly, there were fans everywhere and it was so comfortable despite the temperature being near 90 degrees.  And, I must say, these fans were no obnoxiously loud, they just gave a little buzz of noise and it was just fine.

We were attended to promptly by the staff and they gave the kids coloring sheets (menus) and crayons.  The kids colored and selected hot dogs for their meal – one with fruit, one with fries at$6 each.  They had water in covered cups and I chose a nice cool tea as I browsed the menu. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money – something reasonable – so I chose Kevin’s Meatloaf Burger at $14.  I’ll save the super snazzy meal choice for a date out with my husband.  The kids and I talked about manners and observed the beautiful surroundings as we waited for our food. The waiter brought extra water and ice and left them at our table. We played tic-tac-toe and other games that I brought with me to entertain them.  I dressed them up for the occasion and they did notice that this restaurant was very nice and that they should behave accordingly; I was really pleased.  I think it’s important to expose children to a variety of dining situations so they can enjoy finer dining just as much as the local pizza spot.  I will add that we loved dining on the upstairs patio but I do recommend that if you have a child that just needs to move and you want to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, dine downstairs outside.  When your child finishes eating, you can sit and take your time and they can run and play in the small grassy area just next to the downstairs patio and still be in your sight.  It’s not huge, but it’s enough to give them a little freedom. Then, promise them a little stroll along Anchorage Trail after the meal since it’s just across the parking lot.

Our food arrived very quickly and the kids placed their napkins on their laps and enjoyed their hot dogs, fruit and fries.  The kids meals had large portions. My meatloaf burger was a monster of a sandwich topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions and a chipotle sauce. I also got the fries – rosemary fries!  I totally should have gotten fruit because this sandwich was epic – I ate too many of those darn awesome fries.  I cut the burger in half to be able to partake and it was beyond delicious. I never would have thought to pair the chipotle sauce with a meatloaf but it was perfect and had a little zip.  Pack your appetite because you will want every last bite.

I did see some folks enjoying delectable desserts but I just didn’t have room for it!  I will definitely prepare for my next dining experience at The Village Anchor so that I can try the crunchy cobbler a la mode dessert that I saw on the table next to us.  Marking my calendar now for a trip back for another awesome meal, brunch maybe! You?


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