Family Friendly Bike Paths in Louisville, KY

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I get asked a lot “Where is a good safe place for my family
to ride our bikes around Louisville?”. It always makes me smile to hear this
question because kids on bikes with parents are an amazing thing. I hope
this post will help some of you answer that question.
 photo IMG_7233_zps0299f1aa.jpgA great flat place to take the family is the Louisville Loop trail system. I like this a lot for families because it is labeled with mileage,
has great signage and can be short or long. The best place to start this ride
is the Big Four Bridge lot. It has parking, a nice bike fix it station, and if
you are lucky after your ride a place to buy some treats for a job well done. Click here to find more information on the Louisville Loop.
Another good trail that is 100% no cars, short and pretty is
the Beargrass Greenway at Irish Hill. It runs along a portion of Beargrass
Creek and is great for seeing some wildlife (like turtles). You can start the
trail at 2001 Lexington Rd., 40206, this is the intersection of Lexington
and Grinstead near I-64.
My last
recommendation is Cherokee Park. Yep, there are a few big hills but with some
practice they are fun. I would not start with this trail system but add it in
as the family progresses. The park has a dedicated recreation lane that cars
are not allowed to drive in. There are also several water fountains,
playgrounds and rest areas. A great place for a daylong of play and maybe a fun
family picnic.
make sure to wear your helmets, bring plenty of water, and have fun.  Louisville has a great biking community and
some good online resources- check out the city’s bike page here

By guest contributor: Christine

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