Review of Plehn’s Bakery in St. Matthews


This nearly 90 year old bakery, Plehn’s Bakery, is at 3940 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville, KY 40207 in St. Matthews and it is fantastic. I cannot express how sugar-happy I was when I walked into this bakery. I grew up in a town with the most perfect bakery that distributed rolls and baked goods all over the NY area and I have been seeking some place that can provoke the reaction from my kids that was like what I had growing up – walking into a baked wonderland! Plehn’s did this!

This bakery has been on my list of places to go and now it will be family favorite. People were coming and going so quickly with bags and boxes of goodies.  It was a busy Friday and my kids and I spent a good amount of time choosing what we would order.  The kids were squealing with delight over the decorated items, the turning display case and the old-fashioned diner counter.  I cannot express the abundance of choices!

I narrowed it down and got a loaf of pumpernickel bread, a Kuchen (because it’s not something I have ever had) and we each got a doughnut.  The kids got standard doughnuts but not me. Thanks to a FourSquare tip I read at check-in, I ordered the Yum Yum (see it on the counter in the photo of my daughter) and it was INSANE.  It was a twisted double (or triple!?) sized doughnut with cinnamon sugar throughout with chocolate and vanilla icing.  It is definitely one to share and you need to go get one!  For all of these items, I spent around $17.

At home, my husband and I really like the kuchen for dessert for several nights. It was a custard pie of sorts and it was really unique.  And, my son and I devoured the fresh pumpernickel bread within 24 hours with just a little butter. It was the best bread I have had in a very long time.

I highly recommend that you go to Plehn’s bakery – it’s an experience and you can treat yourself to something different each time.  I didn’t even tap into their entire menu so go check it out for yourself, you deserve a treat.


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