September Family Book Review

 photo photo_zps8362c1cd.jpgThis month’s family book review is two-fold. The first book I have to share with you is The Busy Family Cookbook by TasteofHome…I thought since school just started and we’re all trying to get back in that groove of keeping everything on schedule, a cookbook would be a great tool to share to help you drum up some new and interesting family meals, some of which only take 10 minutes to get on the table! This cookbook contains 275 recipes that are pegged for quickness and flavor for your weeknight family meals around the dinner table. The thing that drew me to this cookbook was flipping just 2-3 pages in and seeing a section on dinnertime solutions for your family. Some recipes included take 10 MINUTES or less from start to table! I’m sold. Most recipes are designed for approximately 30 minutes of your time. I’ve already tried this recipe, which was in the 10 minute section: Mozzarella Beef Sandwiches – fabuLOUs as we like to say! For the most part, cookbooks are pretty much cookbooks. What I really like about this cookbook is that it supports the Kohl’s Cares endeavor where 100% of the proceeds from sales of this book in Kohl’s department stores goes to support kids’ health and education initiatives around America. I love to give $5 to causes that help children in our nation.

 photo photo2_zps15805f1e.jpg photo photo1_zps23a3f5d6.jpgThe other two books I have to share with you are Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery and Curious George’s First Day of School. The Kohl’s Cares charity generously donated these items for a lucky reader to share the books and this cute plush Curious George toy with your kids. I love that mischievous monkey, I always have and when I began my storytimes as a librarian at the Jeffersontown Library, Curious George was my sidekick and always helped me welcome my little ones with a song and a hand shake. Kids love him and parents love sharing him with their kids because they remember him themselves. In these two stories, George is always curious and goes on his normal frolicky adventures, getting in a little bit of trouble along the way and ending his excursions with his usual lessons learned. Thanks to Kohl’s Cares, Louisville Family Fun would like to reward a lucky reader or two with these fabuLOUs books for your family book shelf, along with this cute guy for one of your loved ones to cuddle. Be on the lookout!

Sharing the love of reading with families = my day is complete! Happy reading!

By guest contributor: Erin

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