How do you keep your child’s teeth healthy? Tips from Derby City Pediatric Dentistry

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How do you keep your child’s teeth healthy? 

Eliminate cavities starting over the candy holidays!
The next 6 months are the “candy holidays”. We want to encourage you to manage your child’s Halloween candy with the following recommendations to minimize cavities:

 · Separate out all of your chocolate/milk chocolate candy from everything else. This is the best selection to let kids have as it has milk (calcium) in it and melts quickly with no gooey residue on the teeth

· Eliminate all gummy, sour (acid powder), sticky and gooey candies.

· Let your kids enjoy their Halloween candy for 2-3 days, then GET RID OF IT! Don’t keep it around for months!

· Give all of your kids candy to the nursing home (do they have teeth?!) or consider shipping it to the troops! November 4th-8th Derby City Pediatric Dentistry will be swapping candy for a Halloween toothbrush, a goodie bag and a chance to win a Kids Sonicare toothbrush & $50 gift card. 

 · BRUSH AND FLOSS CAREFULLY! Use an ACT Fluoride rinse to help protect from all the sugar and acid!

Other helpful tips for taking care of your child’s teeth

Here are some other tips!

 · When should a child first visit the dentist?
Contrary to popular belief, The American Academy of Pediatric
Dentistry recommends that a child’s first visit to the dentist should be before their first birthday (my rule of thumb is to schedule within six months of the first tooth erupting).

· Baby teeth- why should we fix them if they are going to be replaced by permanent teeth?
If the baby tooth has a large cavity and becomes infected, it may cause permanent damage to the growing adult tooth.

· What should I do if my child is in an accident and there is damage to the mouth area?
Please call your dentist’s office as soon as possible. When dealing with a dental accident, time is very important.
At Derby City Pediatric Dentistry, we will see your child immediately and are even available after hours for dental emergencies.

 · What should my child expect at their first visit at Derby City Pediatric Dentistry?
They should expect a fun and safe environment, which we have developed with great care. We encourage parents to join their child and participate in their exam, which enables our team to teach brushing and flossing techniques, cavity prevention, and to discuss any dental issues your child may have.

 Dr. Korie & Derby City Pediatric Dentistry are offering FREE dental screenings for all LouFamFun followers with children up to eight years old. 

 Click this link for more information with additional tips for what to do with all of that Halloween candy!

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