Tips for staying active as a family in winter in and around Louisville, KY

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With summer behind us, the winter weather will be making its
appearance sooner than later. Fortunately, living in Kentuckiana, you and your
family should not have an excuse NOT to stay active this winter!
Recently, I was able to talk with a fellow mom, head coach
and owner of the Mighty Titan Adventures, Nicole Tegeler. (if you do not know about the
Mighty Titans yet – you are missing out!)
She definitely knows how to beat any excuse your family may have for not
getting physically fit this winter.
Excuse #1: “It is too cold outside!”
Winter should not stop you from going outdoors. According to, January is the coldest month in our area with average low of 27F
and high of 43F.  Tegeler recommends
dressing appropriately from head to toe with layers is the cure for this
excuse. She suggests a wicking layer as the first layer, followed by an
insulation layer, and then a shell or windbreaker for the outside. Although the
first 5-10  minutes outside maybe a
little chilly, layering allows you to stay warm and able to move freely without
feeling bogged down. Some outdoor family activities include hiking, mountain
biking, sledding, roller blading or skiing. Activities in the woods can  protect you from the cool winter winds. Why
not try spelunking? On average, Mammoth Cave is around 54F, so that can feel
warm on a chilly day. It is also important to stay hydrated during your
activities, so Tegeler suggests packing a backpack with water or even some hot
chocolate to enjoy.
Excuse #2: “No time!”
As a family, you find yourself going from one activity to
the next after school and work. If you find yourself watching your kids at
their sports practice, Tegeler recommends using that hour to do some body
weight workout or resistant band workouts. You could even do these exercises as
a family during a TV commercial. On the Mighty Titan facebook page, she posts
an exercise of the week as well.  If your
calendar is full, start scheduling dates on the calendar with the family to try
some of the wide variety of active things in the area. Why not ask another
family to join you too? Kentuckiana has a wide variety of activities that can
get your families’ heart rate up and have fun – from jumping on trampolines at
SkyZone, ice skating, roller skating to rock climbing.
Excuse #3: “Exercising is boring!”
Not all exercising is boring – especially in winter! Tegeler
said, “One of the biggest things families can do to stay active this winter is
to enjoy all the active things Louisville has to offer.” So your family may not
like to run or bike, but why not enjoy something you can only do in winter such
as skiing or outdoor ice skating? Your family could take ballroom dance lessons
together or yoga. If there is something your family wants to try, more than
likely Kentuckiana has it. Another suggestion is to sign up for Mighty Titans
Kidz and Momz personal training coming in January. I imagine Tegeler will keep
it interesting, fun and help meet any new year’s resolution you may make
related to fitness.
Why not make a bucket
list of new activities to try that will get your families’ heart pumping this
Here are even more ideas and places (not an exhaustive list
by no means!) to help you and your family to stay active this winter!
Indoor Play Areas:
SIGS Sportsplex
Awesome Outdoor Products Review here
Indoor playgrounds at restaurants such as Chick-Fil-A or Oxmoor Center
Indoor Sports Areas:
 photo skyzone_zpsea6f3d5f.jpgSky Zone, Review here 
RockSport, Review here  
Riot Skate Park 
Louisville Tennis Club offers lessons on their indoor courts
Walking at a mall
Join a soccer, basketball, or volleyball team. Places like 4 Kicks 4 Kidz, Upward Sports (review here), and MidAmerica Sports Center offer some great options.
Enjoy an ice hockey game together with the Louisville Cardinals. Then go ice skating at or together afterwards!
Outdoor Activities:
Playing in snow, shoveling
Roller blading at places like Parklands of Floyds Fork
Hiking (and geocaching) at places like Parklands, JeffersonMemorial Forest, Bernheim
Batting cages
The Fun Farm – laser tag and paintball 
Family Friendly Road
Check out your local community center for other indoor activities – Look on the left side for Lagrange Community Center link – even offers free karate for kids! 

And a friendly reminder to check out the LFF
calendar for ‘active’ events too! Also, a side note: When you purchase a Kids Eat Free VIP card from us, you receive 3 freebies that more than outweigh the cost of the card ($25). Consider purchasing one and you will get a free open play from KaZoing, a free Mighty Titan Adventures registration ($35 value), and 2 free weeks of Hwang’s Martial Arts classes. Details here.

By guest contributor: Jeanette

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