LouFamFun’s Budget-friendly things to do with families during winter break

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Family Adventure Day

The LouFamFun writers got together to think outside of the box and come up with some budget-friendly ideas to share with our readers. Don’t sit around on your winter break! Try out these super-fun activities!

Brandy: Have a “fancy” tea party. Serve finger foods and flavored decaf tea. Gather the whole family to work on a large puzzle. Family game night/day. A younger child can “pair up” with mom, dad or a sibling if he/she is not able to read or play on their own. Look through old photo albums or create a new album or scrapbook together.

Caryn: We once stayed at a nearby hotel with a pool so we could swim in the winter. Indoor tent camping complete with sleeping bags, microwave s’mores, board games, and NO computers/smart phones/tv! Make cards and then hand them out at a nursing home.

 photo lff_zps7932f281.jpgErin: Put up a tent in the living room and fill it with blankets, pillows, flashlights, books, coloring books, drawing paper, pens/markers, and our favorite stuffed animals. Spend a whole afternoon unplugged. Make a fun lunch together like roasting hotdogs or a hobo lunch using an indoors campfire over a safe fire in your fireplace or over a few candles. Make this simple and yummy foil potato snack in your oven. Eat in the tent and tell stories! Make flannelboard stories with felt and an old wallpaper book. Tell magnetic stories on your refrigerator! We have also done a staycation across the river in Southern Indiana. Stayed at the Sheraton on the river and pretended like we were tourists!

Jackie: Stair sledding. Take a crib mattress or couch cushion and ride down the stairs.. LOL. ..but besides utter chaos, and awesome winter day at home during break a winter day for us would involve snow ice cream, hot chocolate, and movies with stove made pop corn.

Jeanette: Backwards day. Eat dinner first and breakfast last. Even eat under your kitchen table if you can.

Jennifer: A day at the beach(house): let kids “swim” in bathtub with suits on, seashell hunt around the house, sensory sandbox indoors, picnic indoors, let kids wear a summer outfit and sunglasses, Pandora Bob Marley station playing in the background…

Lauren: We love baking together on a rainy/snowy day! Have a picnic – get out a blanket and eat on the floor. Have food you would normally have on a picnic. Simple, but fun!

Maggie: Sledding! Provided the weather cooperates, sledding is a fun way to get out in the snow as a family. And my kids really love it because I make homemade hot cocoa when we’re done!

Stephanie: Head to the Planetarium! The cost of a family of four to go to the Planetarium is about as much as you would spend on going to the movies…why not try something completely different and unique for a change! They have great shows and are a great option for families with older children. Check out our Louisville.am podcast!

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