Review of Shack in the Back BBQ in Louisville, KY

 photo IMG_20131109_171113_zpsf7d11c38.jpgI don’t know about you, but every now and then I get a
craving for Bar-B-Que. Not just plain ol’ Bar-B- Que- but the good stuff. When
I was asked by LFF to check out a new local Bar-B-Que joint, I was super
psyched. So, one bright fall evening, my family of four hopped into the car,
and off we went to Shack in the Back BBQ in Fairdale (406 Mt Holly Rd). Whooo Boy, let me tell
you, we were excited. (Hubby likes good food almost as much as he loves us!)
We decided on a Saturday night, a bit earlier than the
dinner rush, so we could take our time. When we pulled in, we smiled—it really
is a shack (or at least a small building). How cool was that? We were one of
the few cars in the lot (it was early…remember?) and our family sauntered
inside. Once we walked in, we were welcomed right away. It made me remember my
growing up years and spending holiday times with my aunt and uncle in the
country. We stepped right up to the counter and placed our order. The cashier
was super sweet and patient with our chatty boys. While we looked over the
menu, more people arrived. Some were loyal fans, and others were like us who
were there for the first time. We ordered our food and had a seat.
The restaurant is set up like 2 buildings. The main shack
where the kitchen and cashier counter is, with a few cozy tables. Just outside
is another “shack” with plenty of picnic tables and also bar style tables. It
made me think of hanging out with my family and friends at a great picnic. If
you’re worried about temps, there was a heater in there too!
 photo IMG_20131109_171146_zps023a115a.jpgWe grabbed our table, and a highchair (there was only one of
those that we could see) and we waited for our food. My husband ordered a pork
chop sandwich, skillet fried corn, and French fries. I ordered a quarter rack
of ribs, baked beans, and potato salad. The kids were super happy with their
hot dogs and fries, although when we ordered, the waitress also told us that we
could get mini versions of the pork, chicken, and brisket sandwiches if they
wanted them. 
We chowed down, and let me tell you that was some GREAT
food. The ribs fell off the bone (no, really they did) and my husband actually
couldn’t finish his sandwich it was so huge! The sides were yummy, and made me
think of my grandma’s country cooking. 
As we ate, a family behind us was having a great time, and ordered
dessert. They were HUGE! We, on the other hand had no room left for any food.
We were stuffed!   

Our entire family of
four ate for about $25. That is about as much as we spend at a fast food place,
and about $10 or $15 cheaper than a place with food of equal quality and
yumminess. Yet another point worth mentioning is that my kids were very
comfortable there, and even though they were silly, I would be shocked to get
the “look of shame” that comes from kids being a bit loud in a restaurant. You
know the one I mean… like “Can’t you control your kid?” You should also know
that by the time we left, the parking lot was packed!
Now remember my husband and I said that we like BBQ. In
fact, we passed up 2 of our favorite BBQ restaurants on the way. So, now we
have a new favorite. In fact, we made plans to eat there again next week. Get your Kids Eat Free VIP card and take advantage of the kids eat free deal for Shack in the Back! We
are sold, and you should check it out! 
By guest contributor: Jackie
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