Review of Sky Zone Birthday Parties


 photo IMG_0950_zps355bb33f.jpgRecently we had my daughter’s fifth birthday party at Sky Zone in Jeffersontown. It is located in the industrial park off of Blankenbaker Parkway.  We had a Thursday evening party that began at 6pm and ended at 7:30 pm. The party was $160 for 10 guests and $16 for each additional guest.

The party that we chose included two one-topping pizzas,  three choices of beverages that they would provide unlimited during the party and one hour of jumping. They also assigned us two party attendants who decorated the room, served all the food and assisted with everything. These attendants showed all of the kids the rules before jumping, helped kids with the special jumping shoes and helped with the opening of presents.

For parties, they suggest having guests arrive half an hour early to make sure there is enough time to put on the shoes and that everybody has their waiver signed by a parent.  It all went very smoothly. The staff put all of the presents and all of the kids items like jackets and other shoes on a cart and wheeled them in to the party room that we were assigned to. Everything was very organized. 

 photo IMG_0963_zpsc2ab9506.jpgWe chose a Thursday night because the pricing with a little bit less and I figured it would be less busy.  I have never been to Sky Zone on a weekend but I’ve heard they sell out of jump times and I didn’t want my daughters party going on with a ton of other people there.  We definitely made the right decision because we basically had the whole place to ourselves. For little ones, I thought this was really important so if you’re interested in the Sky Zone birthday party, a weeknight might be the way to go. 
While jumping, the kids got really thirsty because of all the great exercise. They give the party parent a card so that all of the staff knows that the kids are with a party and if kids want drinks, you just showed a card and they’ll bring out water and cups for the kids. The kids jumped like crazy for one hour on the trampolines, the foam pit, the basketball area and dodge ball court.  My daughter had so much fun with her friends! 

 photo IMG_0979_zpsce39100a.jpg

 photo IMG_0994_zps8ea59004.jpgAfter one hour jumping we went into the party room that was all set up with plates cups and decorated. They have a huge chalk board and wrote my daughters name on it. The kids all sat at a long picnic table and the party hosts brought all of them food, drinks and snacks. I brought snacks like pretzels and chips to go along with the pizza – you’re allowed to do that, you just can’t bring in other main dish items like your own pizza. The party hosts cleaned up as the party went on and when most of the kids were done with their food, they offered the kids cupcakes and cake. They were in a very cheerful mood, always talking to my daughter with such excitement about her birthday and letting her go first. The party host got everybody to sing happy birthday and it was such a nice party! 
Very quickly at the end of the party we were able to squeeze in opening up presents. The party host wrote down all of the gifts on a list. We gave out goody bags as the kids left and everyone had big smiles on their faces and loved the party at Sky Zone. It was also amazing to see that pretty much by the time I turned around the party host had already cleaned up the room they were very diligent workers. 
I have heard many people say that they think the parties at Sky Zone are expensive. I can understand that if you want to have a party of lots and lots of kids, paying the price per child is going to get very expensive. However, if you limit it to 10 kids, $160 for an hour and a half party with such exercise, fun, giggles, food and the fact that they set it up with all the utensils and do everything (cleaning!!) – that’s a good price!  We had a great turnout for the party on a Thursday night so I don’t think parents mind and evening weekday party.

No complaints. My husband was quite pleased that he got to stand there and watch the kids while the party attendants did everything 🙂


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