Review of Tire Discounters – Westport Road location in Louisville


I heard that Tire Discounters was opening a new shop in Westport Road in Louisville that was going to be very mom friendly. I started following them on Twitter and saw a great deal for a discounted oil change for only $18.99 and I took advantage of the offer. Recently, they sent me a gift card to go and try out their services so that I could tell you all about it.

When we arrived and got out of the car one of the staff members was waiting at the door holding the door open for us asking us what services we needed. She escorted us into the shop and quickly took our information to get the service moving fast. Before she took her car back she let us know if there’s a little area for kids to sit and directed us to some free snacks and drinks.

My daughter very happily grabbed the bag of chips and a bottled water and sat down at the little kids table by the television. By the kids table there is a little remote on the wall where you can choose the channels and make the volume a little louder for the kids to watch some TV while you wait for the car. They also have a desk area for you to sit if you want to bring your computer and work – a Wi-Fi hotspot. They have an open area for sitting and they have complimentary water coffee and chips. Usually I have to pack coloring books, activities, things for the kids to do and this made it really easy. And, it wasn’t expensive at all. 
My car’s oil changed was completed within half an hour and we were on our way to enjoy the rest of our day. Seamless and affordable and no whining child! Usually we drop the car off on the weekend because I don’t want to have to deal with taking the kids to get an oil change. Doing that disrupts my family’s weekend because we have to coordinate doing things with just one car. Now that I have a place where I can take my kids and not have to worry about entertaining them I can do an oil change whenever it fits my schedule. 
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