Review of MegaQuest at Louisville Mega Caverns in Louisville, KY


Some of the Louisville Family Fun writers took their kids to try out the Mega Quest experience at Louisville Mega Caverns. Here’s what each writer had to say about their fun day!

Karen: Mega Quest is a unique experience, capable of entertaining just about anyone!  The staff were kind, and very helpful, *especially when my equipment was malfunctioning in the middle of the course – possible due to operator error 🙂  My son is a small 7-yr old, and while some areas were impossible for him to cross (due to arm reach and leg span), he had a blast everywhere else. I think the prime child age would be about 8 and up, unless of course the child is quite tall for his/her age. The best part, for me, was watching my son face his fears and us working together to accomplish certain areas. It was a great, FUN bonding experience for he and I. Per my son, after 2+ hours in the course, “Mom, that was AWWWWESOME!!!”

Jeanette: My 6 year old and I had a great time at the ropes course. He said his favorite was the big zipline into the cargo net. I enjoyed doing something active and different with my son amidst all the crazy weather. My son led on the course and headed straight to the upper level. Next time, we will stay on the lower level before going up to the harder level. By the end, he was getting tired and had trouble with his clamps, but it didn’t dampen his spirits from enjoying wearing all the safety gear and climbing around.

Caryn: My 7 1/2 year old son and I really enjoyed the obstacle course! I love that there is no one way to go through the obstacle course. It felt like you could go through it 100 times and never do it the same way twice, or just stay on it the whole 3 hours without ever using the big zip line exit till the end. On the other hand, I appreciated all the available seating within view of the ropes course for when we needed to take a break. I love that you can take your own drinks and snacks there, and that they sell drinks and snacks in case you came unprepared. It was nice to have a little gift shop that wasn’t a ridiculous distraction for the kids. Everything felt very safe, and all of the workers were very helpful and nice. We can’t wait to go again!

Maggie: This course was physically demanding, but even though I have
a minor physical disability I was able to do it for two hours.  But what’s more impressive to me is that my
six year old was able to take off on his own shortly after we started.  He was scared when we first arrived, but I
nearly had to drag him out after three hours. 
He talked about it the whole rest of the night and he’s already begging
to go back again.  I really wish I would
have known about this place sooner.  It
was great!  A few tips-use the restroom
before you get your harness on; you have to take it all the way off to go.  Also, once you’re in the course you aren’t
getting out any time soon.  And bring
water for when you’re done.  They do have
a water fountain but it’s just not enough.

Stephanie: My son will not stop talking about the Mega Quest, we loved it.  It was a full body workout, I woke up the next day with muscles aching – in a good way.  Things that I think are important to point out are that you can stay at Mega Quest for 3 hours, it’s not just a course you go through once, and it is definitely exercise so don’t overdress or you will be really hot!  Also, there are lockers you can use for just $1 to secure valuables while you climb.  My favorite part was the one on one connection I had with my son when he got a little scared when approaching a few obstacles – we talked through it and celebrated together when he overcame his fears.
Heather: My daughter and I loved MegaQuest including a request for affordable birthday held there.I suggest dressing in layers. Its a bit cool going in but you definitely get in a good workout! So make sure you bring your fave sports bottle full of water.  Other than that, grab the fam and spend the day underground. We had a blast and the staff was amazing!

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