Top 10 Unconventional Dining Options with Families in and around Louisville, KY


10. The Old Spaghetti Factory is always a favorite among kids, especially if you get to sit inside the
trolley car in the middle of the restaurant. (See LFF’s review here)

 photo IMG_2733_zpsf3ndvkme.jpg9. Derby Dinner Playhouse is a great
place to catch dinner and a show.  They
also offer children’s shows earlier in the day. (See LFF’s review here)

8. Ollie’s Trolley is a great place to stop by and grab a quick burger in the summertime when
you’re hanging out downtown.  My kids
love the trolley building and they don’t seem to mind eating in the car since
the food is so good.

7. Belle of Louisville offers sightseeing cruises in the summer time, and you can either choose the
southern-style buffet with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green
beans, and other Southern staples, or you can buy hot dogs and chips from the
snack bar and sit in the open air on the top deck.  (Read more about the Belle here)

6. Kingfish on River Road is a great place for a casual Sunday lunch with family or a low-key summertime
dinner on the river with the kids.  They
have a playground, so you can take your time savoring
those hush puppies while the kids wear themselves out.

5. Louisville Food Trucks are always there when you need them, and you can even book them for your own
event.  There’s something novel about
buying your lunch from the window of a food truck, and my kids can’t seem to
get enough.

4. My Old Kentucky Dinner Train is a fun
option for kids who are really into trains, because you actually get to go on a
train ride while you’re dining.  I
wouldn’t recommend this for kids who are too fidgety or young to sit still that
long.  (See LFF’s reviews here and here.)

3. W.W. Cousins is a Louisville institution.  My
grandfather has been taking me there since I was a little girl, and we still
have lunch there at least once a year. 
My kids love it because they get to choose as many toppings as they
want, which usually ends up being all the different types of pickles and some
ketchup.  It’s a great way to give them
choices in a controlled environment.  And
now they have a new location in the south end, as well. (See more info from LFF

 photo 1e5b05f8-b978-40f0-a9da-f235d44727d7_zps35c6027a.jpg2. Japanese Steakhouses are something we only recently
discovered.  Our kids were so impressed
by all the activity going on around them; it was no problem at all to keep them
entertained.  Once our chef started
cooking, my kids kept exclaiming, “More fire!” 
Here’s a list of Japanese Steak Houses in Louisville:
(Not all locations have a hibachi table)
                – Fuji 
                –Mr.Lee’s Ichiban
1. Pizza King in New Albany is a place you need to check out if you haven’t already been
there.  A train brings your drinks to
your table.  How cool is that?  (Check out LFF’s review here)

 By guest contributor: Maggie

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