LouFamFun Volunteer Challenge – May


Do you have enough to eat? Do you have laundry detergent? What about toilet paper? Food?

These needs are at the heart of this month’s Volunteer Challenge. I have been greatly touched by looking at the need in our community—in all parts of the community, so this is where I started. In our city, the number of families in need is growing: some, through a temporary bump in the road, others through more long term and dire situations. Luckily, the Metro has something in place to begin to stand in the gap—and we can help.

 photo 1601465_10203989266315841_7340849970934150472_n_zpsde266d48.jpgThe Louisville Association of Community Ministries is just that: A well connected network of “neighbors helping neighbors.” To gather facts and get some more information, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Executive Director of the Central Louisville Ministry. She painted a picture of great need, but one tempered with hope. Her center offers a variety of services on an emergency need basis. They work with LG&E, the Water Company, and other utility providers to help those who are in the most need.

They also offer a Food Pantry, a Personal Care Closet, and Clothes Closet. How can you help? Add an extra bottle or two of shampoo and conditioner to your groceries. Pick out some canned goods and pasta. Grab a package or two of toilet paper, or a bottle of liquid detergent. Then bring it on down! In the case of the Central Louisville office, the business hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4p.m—but if you want to share, you can call and make an appointment to drop off your donations. While they can’t pick it up, they are more than willing to meet you at a time that works!

This is just one example of one area ministry in Louisville, and that is the charm of the whole thing. Each address in Louisville falls under one of the 14 area ministries (and one associate member). Each of the areas is divided by zip code. Each office is tailored to the needs of that community, and often times involved directly with churches and ministries in the area. So this means that there is a way to help right by you!!

I began to really see the way Louisville Community Ministries work by becoming involved through our church. We regularly collect food for the food pantry of our local office. Soon, I became aware of the other offices, and the variety of needs. All in our city.

In fact, we don’t live near the Central Louisville Ministry—but we decided that we would share our resources there for this month in addition to our local office. You may be curious about their number one need: Toilet paper!!!

Can you believe it? Number two? Liquid laundry detergent! ( You can get a huge jug at the Dollar Tree) How much do we take for granted!! If you don’t want to shop as a family, you can always send a monetary donation—they will gladly shop for you.

We can make a difference! Sharing what we have is a way for our family to spread hope in a difficult time. We CAN make a difference. I also have noticed that when we go to the grocery store, my boys are quick to want to add some things to our cart to “share with people who need it.” It has changed my family’s perspective about what we have, and about what really matters. I hope that you are as inspired by the chance to share with those in need as we are.

 You can see for yourself this awesome network through their website (click on members to see each area office, contact information, and website). Many of the area ministry members are also on Facebook.

By guest contributor: Jackie

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