Louisville Bats – Sunday Family Promotions


 photo IMG_2022smaller_zpsde71d695.jpgWe went to opening weekend to see the Louisville Bats using a great promo code that we publicized through Louisville Family Fun.  We chose a Sunday because there are so many things for the kids to do on Sundays, we thought it would help our kids make it through a baseball game – they are relatively young and not really the type of kids that would sit and watch a game for a few hours.

We arrived early and found great parking right by the entrance that’s in the outfield.  We found street parking and given it was a Sunday, it was free.  We printed our tickets at home and entered with ease.  We roamed around for a bit, the kids wanted to check out all of the food and entertainment options. After finding out seats, we had some lunch.  I view a day at the ballpark as much about eating as watching the game!  The kids split a pizza, my husband and I had big brats with onions and we shared a beverage for a grand total of just under $23.50.  We visited the water fountain for extra refreshment – the drinks can run up the tab more than the food!

 photo IMG_2059smaller_zps03761124.jpgAfter eating, we settled into our seats for a few innings. We were in direct sun so actually, we only last 2 innings before getting up to explore some more.  Straight to the playground we went!  The kids played for a little but but definitely wanted to be on the carousel.  I was pleased that the carousel was just $1 a ride, they were so happy I let them ride.  Then, we headed to the indoor main lobby where they have bouncies on Sundays for no additional charge. It’s only from 1-4pm for those 2pm games so don’t wait until late in the game!  The kids get 6 tickets to bounce and the lines were tolerable.  The kids made it through 4 bouncies each before we decided it was ice cream time.  Blue bell ice cream in plastic baseball hats – a must! Those were $5 and I thought the scoop was quite generous.

 photo IMG_2045smaller_zpsb0cbdd45.jpg
We ended the game by finding an open seat in the shade.  Yep, breakin’ the rules.  The game was moving a bit slow and a lot of the fans had cleared out by the 8th inning so we snagged some shady seats behind home plate and enjoyed our ice cream. I also went and found an usher that has the free kids activity booklets and my kids liked flipping through them – bring a few pencils with you so your kids can do the puzzles during the game. There are great coupons in those too!  Throughout the game, Buddy Bat made continuous appearances. If you was to see a lot of him, get tickets for seats by the dugouts. Finally, the game wrapped up (It was 20-8……not in favor of the Bats) so we gathered with all of the families along the first base line to wait for the kids to run the bases.  They open a gate and escort the kids to home plate to take one lap around.  The parents can go down and take photos. Then, you exit by third base and head on home.

 photo IMG_2064smaller_zps7c453652.jpgAll in all, I think it’s wonderful that Louisville Slugger Field is full of families on Sundays because of the extra promotions.  Carousel, bouncies, playground, Buddy Bat, ice cream, running the bases all while you enjoy all-America baseball in one of the national top minor league ball parks….a bucket list item for your family for sure!


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