Review of KaZoing! Party and Play Birthday Parties in Louisville, KY


 photo DSC_1639_zpsae95f44b.jpg photo DSC_1679_zps0558e762.jpgKAZOING CLOSED IN 2020

Recently, we had my daughter’s third birthday party at Kazoing Party & Play! I seriously debated having a week night birthday, but had heard some other people say it worked well, so we gave it a shot because we got a great deal. The weeknight idea worked great and we absolutely loved a birthday party at Kazoing! We’d been there a few times for open play, but never for a birthday party. We were very impressed and had zero complaints! It was fantastic!

We arrived 15 minutes early, as requested. The host was there to help us get things ready, from setting up the tables with forks and napkins (both of which were provided), to helping with getting chips in bowls and preparing for guests.

 photo DSC_1668_zps5289ca3b.jpgOnce guests started arriving, we had an hour to play (that was the package we chose, but there are quite a few options, so check out their website). The kids had an amazing time, running around and playing in all the bouncies, playing air hockey, and riding on the mini motorcycles. We had 3 bouncies in the Jolt room (the smaller of the two), which included a regular bouncie with a cake on the top, an obstacle course, and a giant slide. The host did a great job of watching the children and playing with them as well.

After our play time, we had a half an hour to eat cake and open presents. Again, the host was great with cutting the cake (with the servers they provided) and helping to pass out chips and other snacks to people. While opening presents, she wrote down who all the presents were from. She was always very pleasant and knew how to help before even being asked. The half an hour was the perfect amount of time, although if we had done the party at a time where lunch or dinner was involved, we definitely would have needed more time.

When it was time for everyone to leave, the host continued to help with clean up and packing up everything. Our first two birthdays with our daughter were at our house, so we were responsible for everything. At this one, it was almost as if we were responsible for nothing. It was so nice to able to enjoy the evening and know that everything would be taken care of. The kids all had an absolute blast and our friends kept talking about how much fun their children had. I would highly recommend birthday parties at Kazoing!

By guest contributor: Lauren

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