Date Night Needed in Louisville, KY – Parents, Get a Sitter


 photo patrick_zpsb3e4684b.jpgLet me preface this by saying I love my kids with all my heart. I really, really do. I love being with them, playing with them, reading with them, cheering them on in different sports and watching them sleep – some nights more than others. Now the fine print: sometimes I love to miss them! Let me give a “for instance”.

The For Instance 

Last week, I had to take my soon to be three year old to the doctors with me because I had a busted ear drum. I’m not sure if it was a sinus infection but I’m more inclined to believe it’s a result of my screaming toddler whenever I have to cart him away from some activity he has gotten himself involved in that he deems fun and exciting – like licking the cat or using a sophisticated ladder of kitchen items to try to reach the “secret” cache of chocolate.

 In any case, he was fine for the first hour with his snacks, cars, pencils and paper I was so proud of myself for bringing, but after that he got squirmy and when it was my turn in the lab chair to get blood drawn for some routine maintenance, he was pretty much over being at the doctors. So, as soon as he saw I was in a compromised position with my arm out of my bulky sweatshirt and the tech about to stick me, he managed to wiggle away, go into the hallway and then said, “Be right back!” before he took off like a cheetah past offices, patient rooms and stunned admins. So I had to jump up, arm still out of my sweatshirt, muffin top bouncing wildly and chase him. His response when he saw me coming was, “Faster, Mommy! You go faster!” So after I did catch up with him, and held him firmly between my knees while simultaneously trying to keep him from ripping the needle out of my arm, I was very ready to just get back in the car and have the day be over.

The Sitter-Worthy Option Chosen 

So yes, sometimes I like to miss them. That being said, it’s hard to get out. It seems like the more kids you have the smaller your babysitting pool. I have three and watch a lot of Dateline so that makes my pool even smaller because of trust issues. I do have my parents close by but only about half the year. So when I actually spring for a sitter or am blessed with a free night, I really want it to be worth the money and/or effort.

 photo ls_zps99148996.jpgThankfully there are a lot sitter-worthy options in Louisville and I think my favorite one of those is Bristol’s in Prospect for several reasons. First of all, their wontons are an incredible culinary delight and one of the best things this side of heaven. Second, you can always get a table. Always. Third, their staff takes great care of you and lets you set the pace of your dinner. I have been there dressed up and dressed down. It’s a relaxing atmosphere and the best part is I don’t have to think. It’s not a place to go to see and be seen. It’s great food and even at a little bit of a splurge, it’s definitely sitter worthy when you need to unwind.

Sure there will be weeks when you argue with your daughter over her wanting to be a real life Rapunzel but screams every time you try to brush her hair and you may want a different, more lively escape. But I’m here to say, Bristol at Prospect is great place to exhale – just don’t forget to breathe back in and repeat.

By guest contributor: Dana

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