Review of Charlestown Family Activities Park in Charlestown, Indiana


 photo photo1_zps4ea5cf3f.jpgSplashes and Slides and Ships Oh My!!

As a treat for dragging the kids to the gym every morning, I surprised them with a trip to the Charlestown Family Activities Park. It is located in Charlestown, Indiana… Not too far of a drive from anywhere in the area. It was about 10 minutes off I-65. The address is 1000 Park street, across from the Charlestown High School.

 photo photo2_zps85cf1598.jpgThere is a $3 per person charge above the age of 2, which was not bad considering the quality of the facilities. They also rent out party rooms on site for birthdays or gatherings.

I was initially nervous about going solo with a 4 and 2 year old, but this park quickly put my mind at ease. My kids tend to be a bit busy — resembling pin pong balls — so fencing around the entire playground and splash area was a huge bonus! If you come at a busy time, it might be difficult to keep an eye on more than one child if one is in the splash area and one is on the playground, because the two locations are separated by picnic tables with umbrellas.

The play ground was fantastic with tons of slides, walkways, bridges and hideouts! Both of mine absolutely loved all the climbing!

Upon initial arrival to the park, everything was very clean and neat, and stayed that way everywhere we went. Bathrooms were large and clean. There were plenty of places to sit or enjoy a picnic. The concession area had simple fare food items at reasonable prices for added convenience. The background music was Disney/child themed which was nice and appropriate for the location. You could also roller skate in a covered area…not my little one’s cup of tea now, but several people were taking advantage.

 photo photo3_zps034392e9.jpgWe thoroughly enjoyed the playground and splash park. I highly recommend water shoes or sandals for the little ones as I spotted a few wipeouts with shoeless little ones.

So, if your little man wants to channel his inner fireman with a water-shooting Nemo, or your little lady wants to channel her inner mermaid, this is definitely a great spot to stop on the sunny side of the river!

By guest contributor: Morgan

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